There are new black and white photos in the family album

In the Hassela Parish Records book, our family is #2S27 in Min Slaakt, page 53.

Pehr Pehrsson Hazelius born 30 Aug 1835 to Pehr Jonsson in Svedje4, Hassela died 22 Nov 1904 he married Margreta Andersdotter born 26 Sept. 1844 to Andrew Hanson and Brita Hassel in Sanningstorp, Hassela he died 1 Oct 1916 they had children:
Anna Brita 1866-1946
Anders Petter born 30 May 1872 emigrated 1893
Jonas Erik 1873-74
Selina Juliana 1875-1939, she had three children does not seem to have a husband
Jonas Erik 1876-1951 married, adopted a child
Hans Olof 1879-1959 married Anna Svard had 3 children all died
Henrik Alfred 24 Feb 1881 emigrated 1910
Karl August 1 Oct 1881-1895
Oskar Emil 1884-1918
Axel Edvard 10 mar 1887

Many of the Hassels moved to Fish Lake, so he had relatives in Fish Lake Also Pehr Hazelius had a brother Henric Pehrsson Friberg born 12 Jan 1833 married 1858 Helena Norberg had Juliana, Brita Carin, Katharina, Helena and Brita Kristina and emigrated to America in 1869, so somewhere he had cousins also.

Pehr Jonsson born 29 Mar 1798 to Jon Olofsson in Svedje ss2, Hassela married 7 Apr 1828 died 18 Nov 1847
Golin Henricsdotter born 12 July 1800 to Henric Larson Lonn in Svedje, Hassela died 10 Aug 1862
Had children Jonas 18291844 married Anna Carolina Govenius from Stockholm and had 7 children, some who may have given you cousins in Hassela
Henric 1831-1831
Henric 1833-to US
Pehr 1835 -1904
Brita 1838-1923 married Pehr Jonsson had 8 children, who almost all died right after birth, must have had an Rh factor or something and didn't know it.

I am not sure about land records but you could write to Daniel Auslund, Hassela, Helsingland, Sweden,

All our ancestors are bonde which is a farmer (peasant) or torp.=torpare which is a crofter (think it is a craftsman, makes things for the farm). Most people there are bonde.

Svedjebodarna is just north of Hasslea, could be the same place as Svedje; as Sannigstjarn is just north east of the church, they are not too far apart, which is normal for persons who marry. They are about 1/2 way between Hassla, which is where whe church is and the border to the next providence,which I think is Stode, but don't have my map here to see. Svedjebodarna is 1/2 way between Sannignstjarn and Norrback.