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Text & Typography

Move all font tags to CSS. The W3C spec for the <font> tag was deprecated in '96.

Header tags

  • Use grouping and subheadings to break large amounts of data into smaller units.
  • Do not overuse them.
  • H1 is an important tag for search bots.
  • Use the least amount of different Headers that you can.
  • Spec out your headers within your css sheet for control over look
  • Headers should be left-justified.
  • Titles and headings text should NOT be in all caps


  • Times new Roman is the easiest text to read.
  • 12 point Times new Roman is the fastest text to read.
  • 12 point Arial font (anti-alilased and not) is the most preferred.
  • 12 point Times New Roman second most preferred.
  • Anti-aliased type is more legible if you increase the letter spacing slightly.
  • As a general rule, don't anti-alias type that is smaller than 10 pixels.
  • Only specify standard fonts.
  • Always specify the equivalent fonts for MAC and PC.
  • Always specify alternative fonts            
  • Always specify either a serif or a sans-sarif alternative.


  • Limit the width of lines to about a dozen or so words.
  • Limit the height of blocks to para’s of 4 sentences or less.
  • Never to be placed on top of loud or busy backgrounds.
  • Always have proper contrast between bkg and text.
  • Text needs air around it, to breathe.
  • Never underline text in web pages
  • Structure all text for rapid reading/scanning
  • Print documents are too wordy for the web, so convert them.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Make your organization logical
  • Make your sequences contiguous.
  • Eliminate sprung, disjointed, or awkward sentences
  • Eliminate spelling and punctuation errors
  • All information should be accurate.
  • All information should be complete.
  • All information should be appropriate to the purpose of the site.

Never use anything like these:

  • Click here!
  • Change these browser settings…
  • Open the browser window |--- this wide ---|
  • Stop right now and download this other browser
  • Best viewed with ...
  • Only viewable with ...
  • Click here if your browser supports frames
  • If you're using a browser that does not auto-refresh Click Here.
  • Download this plug-in
  • Set up this helper application
  • Turn off the underlining on links
  • Download this special font
  • How to print this page (Don't I just say "Print"?)
  • Click here for a tutorial on how to view this site
  • You don't have Java? Go away!
  • If you lived here, you'd be home now.
  • Coming Soon!

Re-read and revise all your text.

  • Inrease the clarity.
  • Incease the concision.
  • Increase the consistency of tone and level of formality
  • Increase the coherence.


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