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This is just the basic information needed in order to prepare a decent proposal.

What is the Purpose of the site? Basic types of website purposes:

  • Personal: with biographic data, "vanity pages"
  • Promotional: to sell a product or service.
  • Current: up-to-date info (newspapers' sites).
  • Informational: to share info on a particular topic.
  • Persuasive: Propaganda to convert a point of view.
  • Instructional: to teach a unit or course of study.
  • Registrational: to simplify communication with and register users for courses, information, and/or products, accumulate a database of, and simplify communication with, registrants.
  • Entertainment!

Brand new site or revamp an old one?

Textual Content

  • Quantity of textual content
  • Quality of textual content
  • Do they have a wordsmith?
  • Convert from print?
  • Scattered notes? Not even?

How many tables and charts and in what form? Word, Excel, etc?

Graphical Content

  • Quantity of graphical content to be provided by client.
  • Quality of graphical content to be provided digitally?
  • Convert to web safe format?
  • Crunch?
  • Thumbnail?

Meatspace images?<analog data to convert into digital>

  • Photo’s
  • Magazine images?
  • Technical Drawings?

Quantity of graphical content to be created by developer.

Is logo design work necessary?


  • Number of pages with functions <think forms>
  • Does it need a database?
  • Integrate with existing?
  • Complexity of database
  • Complexity of interactions

Graphically rich site?

  • Flash animation?, gif animations? Audio? Video?
What's the deadline?

Once this information has been gathered, a Proposal is possible. Whats the next step?

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