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Navigation Systems

  • Global navigation
    5 to 7 links representing the most important areas of the site
    Global Navigation sits at the top and remains consistent throughout the site.
  • Local navigation
    Contains subpages
    Nav rail must have a colored bkg to set it aside from content.
  • "Yellow Fever" style
    The left-hand justified navigation rail was introduced by CNET in 96.
    Forces a mouse from the scroll side and user stays a moment longer.
    Emphasizes the links.
  • Right hand justified
    Conducive to speed and ease of use.
    Content is easier to view.
  • Ad hoc links
    Ad-hocís are links in the middle of text.
    Limit your use of ad-hoc linkage.
    If possible put them at the end of the paragraph like footnotes instead.
  • Navigation aids
    Table of contents
    Site map
    A guided tour
    Searching capabilities (always on sites of over 100 pages)
  • Image Map navigation
    itís not obvious where to click
    itís not obvious what has already been clicked
    They are not extensible.
    hard to modify on a regular basis.
    you should include a text link list anyway
    no navigation at all if the images are turned off
    no navigation at all if a text based browser visits
    search engine bots need text to spider
  • Navigation Tabs
    Tabs are for switching between alternate views of the same thing.
    Description | Overview | History | Statistics | photos
  • Breadcrumb navigation
    Breadcrumb navigation is used on structures that get deep.
    It only works for sites with hierarchical information.
    It allows one to climb a tree quickly
    Lets a user know where they are
    home > cartoons > scooby-doo > guest appearances
    : > / and arrows are all equally good.
    Do not use yet another symbol.
    The vertical bar | is reserved for alternative choices.
  • Footer navigation
    Global Links
    email link
    If there is a good reason add any of these:
    Copyright info
    Date the page was created
    Date the page was modified
    Company slogan
    Physical address
    Telephone Number



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