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Navigation Rules

1. Menus should be clear-cut and to the point.

  • No confusing titles
  • No wordy titles
  • No unlabeled titles
2. Links should never interfere with content.
  • Never any animated links
  • Never use garish colors
3. Always let users know where they are within the nav structure.
  • Never link to the page you are already on
  • Use breadcrumbs
  • Use titles
  • Use consistency
4. Always let users retrace their steps easily.
  • Never link to the page you are already on
  • Never break the "back" button
  • Use breadcrumbs
5. Uniformity
 A. System of navigation.
  • Donít mix and match navigation systems
  • In the look
  • Use the same fonts.
  • Use the same color scheme.
  • Use consistent visited link color
  B. In the location
  • Put the breadcrumbs in the breadcrumb place
  • Put the nav rail in the nav rail place
6. Never have undefined categories.
  • Other
  • Miscellaneous
  • Stuff
  • Etc.
7. Avoid graphical nav on large sites.
  • Hard to maintain
  • excessive development time
  • excessive space

8. Keep the load time on your navigation system to a minimum.

9. Important pages must be accessible for users with disabilities.

10. Always have the important links above the fold.

  • Global links
  • Contact us
  • Products

11. Always have meaningful text labels for all links.

  • Text only browsers
  • Good for browsers for the vision impaired
  • Good searchbot thing
  • Never rely on mouseovers to label links.
  • Use link titles as a preview of where each link will go.
12. Keep it simple stupid
  • Complexity limits the size of the site.
  • Complexity makes it difficult to test.
  • Complexity makes it difficult to navigate.
  • Complexity makes it difficult to maintain.
  • Avoid too many interface elements
  • Don't make the user guess where to click.
  • No more than 3 clicks to any given page is the rule.


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